How long does the process of mixing take?

We have a sufficient reserve of bitcoins, which allows our customers to make operations independently from each other. We never combine customers’ coins in an output transaction. Moreover, you can set a time delay for each operation to make the process of mixing coins more thorough. Your coins will be sent in compliance with the time delay customized.

How many confirmations are required to get coins?

The process of mixing starts after 3 confirmations of the network.

I have accidentally closed my browser window, what should I do now?

You don't have to keep your browser window open after you have received the address to send coins. The mixing process occurs automatically.

How much time does an address pay to stay active?

A generated address is valid infinitely, with no time limit.

Do you keep any logs?

The MixBTC.online service does not store any information about processed transactions and does not keep server logs.

What is the largest amount to mix?

We have enough bitcoins on board for any amount to mix. If you need an uncommonly large amount, we will get a notification and unfreeze our cold storage. Don't worry we will do our best to help you!

What is the least amount?

Please remember that the minimum amount for mixing is 0.001 BTC. The fewer amount is to be a donation for our service.

Can I entrust a large number of bitcoins to you?

Our mixing model is properly tested and works perfectly. Anyway, you can mix small portions of coins and see step-by-step that everything is crystal clear. Our mixing code guarantees that your “earlier” coins are not to be mixed with the new ones.

Does the MixBTC.online support SegWit addresses?

Yes, sure. You can use SegWit addresses starting with "3" or "bc1" for sending and receiving bitcoins.