How to use a Bitcoin mixer

Operations with cryptocurrency are said to be anonymous and secure. However, every crypto operation is recorded on the blockchain. Everybody can check who, where, how much, and to whom you send your coins. Sometimes all of us need some opacity in this transparent world. is a solution that lets its users mix their bitcoins with other users to preserve their privacy and keep anonymity. You can buy any stuff you don’t want others to know, pay for online services and goods you wish to be a secret, hide your crypto capital from your receivers, and split your money into different wallets.

Anybody can send their coins and get new ones in return to another address. No logs, no tracking, only confidentiality. And remember that ALL the civil serviсes and social justice can follow all your wallets. Don’t break the law. has a user-friendly slider-based interface. How to
  1. Insert the address to which you are going to receive the mixed coins.
  2. Using the Time Delay slider, adjust your personal mixing “speed” from 1 minute to 24 hours. A time gap adds an element of randomness to your mixing and de-links your input and output of the coins, ensuring a higher level of anonymity.
  3. Then set a personal fee size from 3 to 5%, using the Customize Fee slider. Adjust a random amount up to thousandths of a percent. It prevents finding an identical output transaction minus a standard fee size.
  4. Click on the Mix Coins button.

After this, a new page opens with an address to which you transfer your bitcoins for mixing. This amount shall be more than 0.001 BTC. Fewer amounts will be a donation to the service.

Also, the amount shall be sent as a whole in one transaction. Don’t split it into several payments. Otherwise, the first transaction will only be processed, but the next one will be ignored.

The service provides a Letter of Guarantee as proof of their obligations so that they can’t deny or refuse you payment once you send in your coins. Download it as a .txt file and save it until you get the mixed coins.

Here you can check what you get, i.e. the amount minus the service fee you set.